Next Drop Date: 1st July | 3pm EST – 7pm GMT    (big drop)

Chicken Gang is a collection with unique 3D chicken collectibles. Each Chicken is Unique with many different traits:

Body | Head | Mouth | Accessories | Sky

999 Chickens will be minted in the phase 1.

Find a chicken wih a “GOLDEN EGG” and you get a free ticket for phase 2.

5 Chicken Owners

All owners of 5 Chickens will receive a special gift very soon. Each gift will be unique. For that purpose you can check our bundles for sale.


  • #1 – #10 at 0 ETH – SOLD OUT
  • #11 – #20 at 0.01 ETH – SOLD OUT
  • #21 – #997 at 0.015 ETH 
  • #998 – #999 (2 legenderies) will be airdropped

Rarity depending on the “BODY” Attribute:

  • Chicken: 289
  • Tiger: 170
  • Leopard: 150
  • Dalmatian: 120
  • Zebra: 90
  • Snake: 70
  • Bubbles: 50
  • Rainbow: 29
  • Zombie: 19
  • Alien: 10
  • Angel: 1
  • Devil: 1

Rarity doesn’t depend only on body attribute. There are pretty rare attributes in other categories too.

Phase 1 

Phase 1 includes the drop of 999 unique ChickenGang members.

Phase 2

Phase 2 includes the drop of baby chickens.

Some chickens in phase 1 will have a golden egg. Each owner of a golden egg chicken will receive a free baby chicken

The traits of the baby chickens will be the most rare from the chicken with the golden egg and another chicken in the possesion of the owner (if there is). 

For example if you get a golden egg chicken and you also own a zombie chicken, your baby chicken will be a zombie with the most rare accessories from both chickens. 

If you don’t own a second chicken the baby will take the traits of the golden egg chicken.

Angel and Devil Chickens

The most rare chickens of ChickenGang Collection are the Angel and Devil type. These two chickens will airdropped to owners of 10+ chickens. If someone owns both will receive a combined Angel-Devil Chicken for free.

We give value to our collectors

All those we support our project will receive many special gifts. Chicken gang will be a huge project that will keep updating with unique ways. Stay tuned and join our family. Thank you all

Wanted Posters

Each collector of 5+ Chickens will get a free wanted poster in a side collection Chicken Gang Wanted Posters. Owners of 10+ Chickens will get a new poster with a boss rank. Also They will participate in the airdrop for the 3 legendary chickens.

Wanted Members: