When avatars going dark, the Avadark Collection rises!

Phase 1: 100 Unique 1/1 hand drawn Avatars.

Phase 2: 100 Unique 1/1 hand drawn Avadark Soldiers. 

Avadark Phase 1 | SOLD OUT

In Phase 1 of Avadark Project, 99 Unique and hand-drawn Characters have been dropped. All 99 SOLD OUT!

2 OGs Avadarks could  be fused to a B-Rank and 2 B-Ranks to an A-Rank.

A-Rank Holders participated in the final battle with the Devil, the special Avadark #100. Owners of 2 A-Ranks also received a free Lord.

Total Stats of Phase 1:

  • 99 OGs dropped – All Sold.
  • #100 the devil claimed.
  • 36 B-Rank Fusions Created.
  • 16 A-Rank Fusions Created.
  • 4 Lord Characters and 1 Battle Scene Claimed.
  • 7 Lands Claimed (Land owners get revenuew share in Phase 2).
  • 1 Special Fallen Angel sold to Auction.



  • Buy 2 Avadark Soldiers from primary market and you can fuse them to XB Rank for 0.03 ETH (Free Dragon airdrop).
  • 2 XB Soldiers can be Fused to an XA Captain for 0.03ETH.
  • Owners of 2XA Captains will receive an XX General for free.

Only 10 Dragons will ever exist, so 10 first XB Fusions will get one.

XB Fusion
XA Captain
XX General

Phase 3 is coming soon...