3D Metal Punks – NFT Collection

Only 100 different 3D Metal Punks are available. Supply for each Punks: 1/1.

5 different types of Punks: Humans, Aliens, Apes, Zombies and Monsters.

This project is not affiliated with OG Cryptopunks, 3Dpunks or Metal Punks.

The most important attribute in rarity is the Type Property.

Punk Type Scarcity

  •  1 Animated Human (1%)
  •  6 Monsters (6%)
  •  7 Aliens (7%)
  •  8 Apes (8%)
  •  10 Zombies (10%)
  •  68 Humans (Females 11% | Males 57%)

• Some Collaboration Projects


Type attribute is the most important factor for rarity. Other factors that define rarity are:

1) Cosplay (15% of the characters are dressed – Joker, Pirate, Harley Quinn, Elf etc).

2) Special Items (36% of the characters have special items – tattoo, eye patch, 3rd eye, lipstick, sword, gun etc.)

3) Combination of other traits (number of accessories, type of accessories, background color, details in the appearence etc)

Rarity Table

(3D Metal Punk #100 is the most rare and #66 is the less rare NFT)

Unlockable content

All 3d Metal Punk Owners are elligible to order a free mockup design with their Punk. 
Just contact me through Twitter or Discord