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 I am Notis, I am 30 years old, father of 2 boys and I am from Greece. Drawing was my passion from a very young age and that is why for almost 10 years I worked as graphic designer. I love creating artworks and especially dark niche designs.   I joined the NFT space on February 2021 and from then I have created many different 1/1 artworks and collectibles. In some of them with the help of my wife, Elizabeth, which also loves art and especially 3D and illustrations.  NFTs have changed my life as made easier to present my art to a wider audience. The inspiration behind my works can be literally anything. Feelings, people, a movie that I watched with my wife, my kids, something I saw in the nature etc. 


Avadark NFT Collection

The Avadark Project

When avatars going dark, the Avadark Collection rises!
A hand drawn collection

Lost Souls (SOLANA)

Trapped Souls (SOLANA)

Skull Islands (SOLANA)

Skull Islands is a collection of 55 unique places that Death himself lives. An NFT collection that wants to bring darkness to Solana Chain. 

Art is the only utility! You buy for the art, you stay for the community.

1/1 Artworks @Opensea

Other Collectibles at Opensea

3D Metal Punks

Only 100 different 3D Metal Punks will be available. Supply for each Punks: 1/1.

Crypto Mermaids

Crypto Mermaids is a collection with unique 1/1 illustrations.

Chicken Gang

Chicken Gang is a collection with unique 3D chicken collectibles.



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