Defi tokens - NFT Art & collectibles

About created by Notis and Elizabeth, a couple from Greece that loves creating art. Until now we have created many different NFT projects and 1/1 Artworks. You can find them on Opensea, Foundation and Hicetnunc. Our goal is to provide high quality art with high value for our collectors.

Avadark NFT Collection

The Avadark Project

When avatars going dark, the Avadark Collection rises!
A hand drawn collection

1/1 Artworks @Opensea

Lost Souls (SOLANA)

Other Collectibles at Opensea

3D Metal Punks

Only 100 different 3D Metal Punks will be available. Supply for each Punks: 1/1.

Crypto Mermaids

Crypto Mermaids is a collection with unique 1/1 illustrations.

Chicken Gang

Chicken Gang is a collection with unique 3D chicken collectibles.



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